The  Colborne Street Clinic offers a comprehensive complement of Learning Support Services to assist families with children who are suspected to have, or have been diagnosed with, learning disabilities.  Our team of skilled and knowledgeable practitioners work towards interpreting a student’s individual learning needs to help families access their child’s necessary resources.  These services encompass a large spectrum of learning difficulties including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) learning disabilities, Autism screening, Applied Behavioural Analysis, Speech and Language and behavioural presentations.


Students receive timely psycho-educational assessments and early intervention for a variety of learning difficulties. Professionals develop individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) according to the needs of the student and provide educational therapy designed to validate strengths, to develop areas of deficit, and to assist the student in becoming an independent learner.  Training in assistive and adaptive technology, when recommended, is available to both the student and the  parents.


We place a strong emphasis on teaching parents and students to advocate for the student’s needs, with the intention of understanding the function and implementation of the IEP, identifying and accessing available services and resources within the community and the school system, and understanding the rights of students to access Ontario curriculum.


  • psycho-educational assessment

  • autism screening

  • speech language pathology

  • review and development of Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)
    and the Individual Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) process

  • advocacy education

  • applied behavioural analysis

  • assistive technology consulting services and training

  • individual and group tutoring

Psychoeducational and Behavioural Assessments


Assistive Technology Consulting and Training


Education and Learning Support Services

“A Collaborative Approach to Accessible Therapeutic, Educational and Family Support Services”

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